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Drivaro is a new networking tool that can bring together drivers of all vehicles (cars, taxis, motorcycles, trucks and buses).
Its name derives from the English word 'drive' and the suffix “aro” which is a common verb suffix in the Greek language.

You can create a profile for each one of your vehicles or your business and upload photos or videos. You can comment, 'like' and share other users' posts on your wall.

It is intended for all drivers whether they know everything about their vehicle or they just want to learn more about them.
Moreover, it is designed for the companies of the automotive sector (garages, repair shops, car electrical repair shops, tire repair shops, etc.), and all the vehicle-related companies of any type (Vehicle Road Worthiness Test, driving schools, insurance companies, etc.)

As a driver you can follow other drivers and exchange views, share experiences, or even get inspired by the modifications someone else has made to a vehicle same as yours.
However, the possibilities of drivaro do not stop there. Free unlimited services are available regarding the management of your vehicle. In other words, you will be able to hold an online maintenance book, set reminders, order spare parts, accessories or schedule a service appointment for your vehicle and get offers from registered businesses.

Drivaro is a modern and easy-to-use tool at the disposal of all the companies in the automotive industry. It is a tool that will help professionals broaden their horizons, modernize their businesses and approach drivers who need their services.
You can let your customers know the news of your business and set up your e-shop free of charge. This way everyone will have the chance to buy your products or book an appointment online.

User registration on drivaro is FREE of charge and you can also register and manage up to 6 vehicles and 6 businesses. There are no subscription fees or any other cost for users.
For professional pages there is a charge of 10 to 80 credits (0,25€ to 2€) on every placed order (tiered pricing based on the value of the product or service) and a charge of only 20 credits (0,50€) on every accepted offer request made by interested users on drivaro.

Every Professional User gets a gift of 100 preloaded credits upon opening their Page or claim it if there is already registered. You can earn an additional 200 credits by inviting 3 friends to your drivaro page.
These credits will give you the opportunity to try the platform and get used to it. This is how you will fully understand the possibilities that are provided to you. When you run out of your free credits, you can buy more by selecting one of drivaro’s credit packages.

A company gets paid by its customers as it always has. We do not intend to make you change the way you run your business or interfere with your transactions.
Companies can update their profiles with the payment methods they accept (cash on delivery, bank deposits, cash on store, etc.) and customers will select one of them in checkout. Payments are made directly to the business and we will not get involved. We only want to get you in touch with your customers.

Drivaro for drivers

  • Create profile for each one of your vehicles
  • Post on your timeline photos & videos
  • Share your experiences with other drivers
  • Evaluate your vehicle
  • Keep an online service record
  • Find workshop and book an appointment
  • Set up notifications for what you need to remember
  • Find spare parts and accessories for your vehicle
  • ...and much more!

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Drivaro for business

  • Register your company on drivaro
  • Connect with drivers that your business can serve
  • Create a free e-shop and sell your products
  • Give everyone the ability to arrange an appointment
  • Accept bid requests for providing services
  • Inform your customers online about their orders
  • Boost your page to a targeted audience
  • ...and much more!

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