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Nanolex Glass Cleaner 750ml  Chalkias Car Design
Nanolex Glass Cleaner 750ml
Κωδικός: P016822-040 Κατηγορία: Καθαριστικά Παρμπρίζ+Τζαμιών Κατάσταση: Αυθεντικό, Καινούργιο προϊόν

Τύπος: Καθαριστικά Τζαμιών
Ποσότητα: 501ml - 1lt

#nanolex #GlassCleaner was developed specifically for automotive glass. The innovative formulation guarantees a thorough removal of dirt, grease, insects and waxes easily and with a streak-free finish. Due to the use of special spreading agents, the product provides a smooth gliding action during cleaning, good anti-fogging properties, and holds to the glass to without quickly evaporating, and without any unwanted ‘build-up’ effect.
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